The History:

This story begins nearly a hundred years ago in 1925 when the
Apostolic Faith Church of Portland Oregon
found and customized several used sedans.  According to the actual mechanic who stopped by to set the record straight, there were three vehicles custom made by cutting and extending the frames of these vehicles 2-extra feet to allow the long seats to make room for the Preaching Platform.

One of the vehicles was sent to the church in Los Angeles (that’s why it’s not in the photo at the top of the page).  The car in the foreground was eventually sent to Yakima, Washington.  The car was brought back home to Portland by Don's friends Leonard Sandness, Bob Helber and Joe Gibbons.  (Don had to sub at the Fire Department that day so couldn’t make the Yakima trip).  The car was taken and stored on a small island by Sauvie’s Island.  The third sedan shown in the photos below is a 1925 Packard.  The second, customized vehicle has never been found.

This picture was taken in the church parking lot across the street which was on 52nd and Duke Street.  Turns out my Grandparents owned the lot next door to the parking lot at the end of Henry Street, where the picture was taken.  The cars were stored at the Church’s “Outreach Center” located at 6th & Burnside in the parking lot on 6th Street.


Did you ever go for a church outting in one of these?
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Very curious to find out if others of these have somehow survived?



PACKARD was manufactured from 1899-1958


One day Don noticed the 3rd Packard sitting outside of the
“Spotless Window Washers” on about 12th and Belmont Street.  Curious about the vehicle Don stopped in on his way to PSU one day and spoke with the owner of the shop who was also an actual church member.
He let Don know that there was another one of these in Yakima, Washington that was FOR SALE and could be purchased directly from the church.
After contacting the church Don discovered they were asking $100 for the car.  That was definitely out of reach of a student who had completed a modest stint with the Coast Guard.  Not having $100 to spend on the car, Don went to school that day and talked nine other guys into loaning him $10 each. 
With $100 in hand, the rest is history!


While at PSU the car was used for a few school functions.

(Back when it was okay do drive around downtown Porltand with a keg of beer in the back-end). Below is a photo of just such an event.




Who won the game?

PSU Won 26-14


Now comes the fun part! This is is what we're going to restore.
Below are a few pictures of the vehicle in it's current state.

Front View


Dashboard - Wood Steering Wheel


Straight 8 Engine





Currently being used as a storage unit.



Hey...looks like another party!

Wow! Looks even better after a few beers!



More pictures to follow! Watch the transformation...
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