Looking for a project ? I have most ALL of the original parts for this custom 1925 Packard. The Title reads “packard Bus”. The lgnition Switch should be back any day. It has been re-built to original condition Next step is to get this baby running! Slowly sanding and prepping the exterior for paint. I also have the orginal horse-hair leather seats. There is virtually NO rust anywhere on this vehicle. It has been stored inside since the early 1960’s.

I would like to see this vehicle restored to it’s original glory as a Church bus complete with the Preachers Platform on the back end for preaching at gatherings. There are dozens of photos from the old days, before TV and the internet when people gathered in the Park Blocks.

This story begins nearly a hundred years ago in 1925 when the Apostolic Faith Church of Portland Oregon found and customized several used sedans.  According to the actual mechanic who stopped by to set the record straight, there were three vehicles custom made by cutting and extending the frames of these vehicles 2-extra feet to allow the long seats to make room for the Preaching Platform.

After years of service, no one Knows what happned to the packard that was sent to Los Angeles, California. The second Packard was sold to a business in Portland, Oregon and the third Packard eneded up in Yakima, Washington. Of the three custom-built Packard’s, this is the only one remaining.Read more..